Rock Therrien was born in 1970 in Armargh, Quebec, and has been attracted to the art world from a very young age. Therrien says he is suffering from an incurable disease: the urge to paint and to always push his limits.
"Painting never appeared to me as obvious, but when you allow it to take you further into your development as an artist, it pushes you to seek out how the material can captivate you".
Rock Therrien, a self-taught artist, explores several dimensions of art. He places his iconic characters in a playful and humorous setting.

In his creation process, Therrien begins by sketching onto his canvas and then works textures and colors in his own style, reinforcing a vintage look which brings his characters into another era. Each painting has multiple layers of a variety of different mediums. Therrien leaves traces of his technique, allowing us to engage in his tedious work.

The dream of realizing his artistic expression has been the object of a long personal and professional journey. He explores with inspiration the nuances of life and the reflections of the imaginary world that inhabits his dreams. In love with fine arts, he experiments with mixed techniques, hence his particular style.
Therrien's work succeeds in making us vibrate with his explosive vivacity of colors.

His latest collection focuses on iconic characters, staged in their recognizable manner onto the canvas. The superimposed collages, stencils and writings give a depth to the work. The characters he selects are timeless, known and loved by all generations, bringing a sense of joy and comfort by reminding the viewer of childhood memories.
The integration of the neons bring out a vibrant and contemporary feel, reminiscent of street art, opening the doors to Therrien to an international market.

Therrien is represented both in Canada and abroad. His work is part of several private and public collections around the world.
Let your imagination run wild and let yourself be drawn into the fantastic world of Rock Therrien!